5 simple skin care tips for swimming

I don’t know a thin about you, but I bet you’ve never consider the need for best skin care tips after swimming. If you are like other

skin care tips


average swimmer, you definitely belief that the pool water is a clean one for you. Unfortunately, it is not. Pool water contains harmful substance that you can not see. So their is a need to know simple skin care tips you can apply when you go to the pool.

Skin care tips after swimming

Swimming is the best exercise and it is a well known fact. It is a wonderful blend of fun with exercise.

A good swim can tone your body and also release those ‘happy’ hormones to keep you going for the day. Though it is a good exercise and everything, it still has some flip points and one major reason is its harmful effects on the skin.

Read on to find out more about how to save your skin from damage after a good swim.

- Chlorine in the water is highly harmful for your skin. Exposure to chlorine will make your skin dry and also aids the skin in losing moisture excessively. Taking a shower with lukewarm water and some soap will help you get rid of the chlorine in your skin.

- Put loads of moisturizer on your skin after a bath so that while your skin in damp, most of the cream will be absorbed. This will keep the dryness in check. It is also a good idea to apply a light waterproof sunscreen lotion before you take a dip.

- Banana is known to be a good cleanser. Use a banana pack to reduce the dark spots around your face, neck, arms and legs. Let the pack be till it dries up completely and then rinse.

- Drinking lots of water is imperative when you are swimming. While doing this exercise, keeping your body hydrated is a very good idea. Also, a regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables with vitamin C and A will give your skin that much needed glow.

- Swimming is indeed a wonderful exercise, but it can make your skin look dull and dark if not taken care of. So, next time before you jump into the pool, take a few minutes to follow these simple tips for a beautiful you!

Now that you know the importance of considering simple skin care tips anytime you go to the pool, believe that next time you are making decision to go to the pool to swim, you will make sure that you consider the simple skin care tips you learn from this article on natural skin care tips.

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