How To Make A Homemade Anti-Acne Cream

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homemade acne creamIf you are suffering from acne then you have probably tried several acne products to get rid of the problem. Many of these products are not only expensive they sometimes contain chemicals that do you more harm in the long run.

If you do a good research you would discover several acne products that contain natural ingredients. However, you can still combat acne by using natural acne products that would not dig a hole in your wallet. Better still, you can even make your own anti-acne cream.

One of the ingredients of this cream use grapessed oil, which tightens pores and helps reduce oil production – while at the same time replenishing that all-important oil barrier on the surface of your skin (You can purchase Organic Grapeseed Oil here.)

Other ingredients include Witch Hazel, Emulsifying wax, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera gel, Cedarwood essential oil just to mention a few. This acne cream recipe make a great anti-acne cream.

Want to see the full recipe? Click the link below for the full recipe…

Homemade Acne Cream Recipe

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